Website for Practical Blockchain is a meetup group in Singapore, started in 2021. We focus on talks and workshops by speakers building blockchain applications in production, learning from their research and insights.

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Hi! 👋 Welcome to Practical Blockchain.

We are a community of blockchain and applied cryptography builders.👷

Practical Blockchain is is an exploration platform. It is a neutral stage where we come together explore a diverse range of crypto projects. We learn by inquiry and healthy debate. The purpose is to cover the whole spectrum - from reviewing research to building practical applications , all while having fun!


# Event Date
10 Smart Contract and Blockchain Security 2024-02-29
9 Blockchain Analytics on the Cloud 🔍 ☁️ 2024-01-31
8 Programmable Privacy for Developers Workshop 2023-10-19
7 Oracles 101: What are oracles and how to work with them? 2022-12-10
6 Solidity Saturday #4: Mulitsig Wallets 2022-07-09
5 Introduction to zkEVM 2022-04-02
4 Mix & Match, Wrapped NFTs and EIPs 2022-01-29
3 Slacking Solana NFTs 2022-01-09
2 Solidity Saturday #3 2022-01-08
1 Solidity Saturday #2 2021-12-11
0 Solidity Saturday #1 2021-11-27

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